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COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019) Resource Center for Parents

Page Updated: Friday, March 27, 2020

Dear Parents,

This page is our central resource center for our patient families as we deal with the current situation with COVID-19. Here is a summary of our efforts within PHCA, and complete details are outlined further down this page. Additional resources from the CDC and AAP are also included for you.

  • Our clinical sites remain open and ready for all patients, including our extended hours during evenings and weekends.
  • On March 4th we instituted curbside check-in to help protect our families and staff. Originally only for patients with fever, this effort was expanded to ALL office visits on March 23. 
  • On March 23rd we introduced dedicated block scheduling - separating wellness and similar visits in the morning block, and illness visits only in the afternoon block.
  • On March 26th we announced financial relief efforts to assist patient families with outstanding medical debt. 
  • We are currently testing telemedicine technology at select sites, and we hope to make that service available practice-wide very soon.

These efforts are to help make our offices as safe as possible, and to give our families some comfort during this stressful period. We continue to provide our full range of patient care as Your Child’s Medical Home. We are here if you need us. 


 PHCA COVID-19 Efforts 

Financial Assistance for Patient Debt
Effective Immediately as of March 26

If a patient’s family has experienced a layoff, furlough, or similar economic hardship due to COVID-19 and has outstanding patient medical debt with PHCA, they will be eligible for newly instituted extended-payment terms. PHCA will extend payment terms for up to 12 months in length, for payment plans beginning in any period through June 30, 2020. PHCA does not charge interest or fees on any patient debt.

Learn More: Financial Assistance


Social Distancing Request
Upcoming Office Visits

As part of social distancing needs, we are kindly requesting that visits to our office are limited to the patient being seen (and caregiver) as much as possible

We understand that child care concerns or other needs may require that siblings or other caregivers come with you to patient visits, and of course we will accommodate those needs. 

We are just asking that if it isn't necessary for your family, please do not bring additional children or adults with you for scheduled appointments.

Thank you so much for helping us manage social distancing at our facilities.


Dedicated Block Scheduling
Effective Monday, March 23

We now have dedicated blocks in our schedule based on appointment type (wellness, newborn, sick, injury, etc).

Learn More: Block Scheduling


*EXPANDED* Curbside Check-In
Effective Monday, March 23

Curbside check-in will now be used for ALL patient visits at all locations, including evening and weekend hours.

Learn More: Curbside Check-In


Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation with our new scheduling methods. It is our goal to make our office as safe as possible for patient visits, while maintaining continuity of care and providing the full range of care our patients need every day. We look forward to seeing you at your next visit. 

In the meantime, please follow recommendations for increased social distancing, as well as the standard protocol to prevent the spread of any virus:

  • Wash your hands often, with soap and warm water, for 20 seconds minimum.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home from work/school/etc when you are sick

We are here if you need us.


> *NEW* - PHCA Financial Assistance for Patient Debt

> *EXPANDED* - PHCA Curbside Check-In for ALL Patient Appointments 

> *NEW* PHCA Dedicated Block Scheduling

> *NEW* What to Do if You Are Sick (CDC)

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