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COVID-19 Resource Center for Parents

Updated: April 30, 2020

Dear Parents,

This page is our central resource center for our patient families as we deal with the current situation with COVID-19. Our new programs and efforts are detailed below, and additional resources from the CDC and AAP are also included for you. 

Please Note: PHCA is an essential business. Our clinical sites will remain open and ready for all patients, including our centralized weekend morning hours.

These efforts are to help make our offices as safe as possible, and to give our families some comfort during this stressful period. We continue to provide our full range of patient care as Your Child’s Medical Home. Please do not hesitate to call for any questions or concern, or for any visit needs.

We are here if you need us. 


PHCA COVID-19 Efforts

Shorter Hours - Weekday Office Visits
Effective Thursday, April 16

To further maximize our resources, our weekday offices will have shorter hours for on-site patient visits. 

  • On-site office visits will be available for regular appointment hours on Mondays only.
  • On-site office visits will end at 3pm each day Tuesday-Friday. 
  • Telemedicine appointments for eligible visit types will be available after 3pm.
  • Phones and staff will be available until each office's listed closing time.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work through these changes. All of our efforts are to help ensure we can provide care when needed for our patients. 


Effective April 2020

PHCA is now offering telemedicine for select visit types, where patients remain at home and connect with a provider online in a video conference. Telemedicine is available from all PHCA offices for weekday appointments. Our staff will determine if your visit needs are eligible for telemedicine.


Extended Hours

Effective April 18

We are temporarily centralizing weekend hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings to select locations only.
All patients from any PHCA office are welcome to schedule visits at the centralized locations.


Effective May 1

Evening Hours will be temporarily closed. 
We anticipate this temporary closure to extend through the month of May, and we will send further communications to all patients when we plan to re-open. 

Learn More: Evening & Weekend Hrs link


Dedicated Block Scheduling
Effective Monday, March 23

We now have dedicated blocks in our schedule based on appointment type. Mornings are dedicated to wellness checkups, newborns, and other non-illness visits; afternoon are dedicated to illness visits only. 

Learn More: Block Scheduling link


Curbside Check-In
Effective Monday, March 23

Curbside check-in is being used for ALL patient visits at all locations, including evening and weekend hours. Patients check-in by phone and remain in their cars, then our staff comes out to escort you directly to your exam room.

Learn More: Curbside Check-In link


Financial Assistance for Patient Debt
Effective Immediately as of March 26

If a patient’s family has experienced a layoff, furlough, or similar economic hardship due to COVID-19 and has outstanding patient medical debt with PHCA, they will be eligible for newly instituted extended-payment terms. PHCA will extend payment terms for up to 12 months in length, for payment plans beginning in any period through June 30, 2020. PHCA does not charge interest or fees on any patient debt.

Learn More: Financial Assistance link


Social Distancing Request
Upcoming Office Visits

As part of social distancing needs, we are kindly requesting that visits to our office are limited to the patient being seen (and caregiver) as much as possible

We understand that child care concerns or other needs may require that siblings or other caregivers come with you to patient visits, and of course we will accommodate those needs. 

We are just asking that if it isn't necessary for your family, please do not bring additional children or adults with you for scheduled appointments.

Thank you so much for helping us manage social distancing at our facilities.



Parent Resources

Our pediatricians have curated the following resources to help guide parents:

> What to Do if You Are Sick (CDC)

Frequently Asked Questions: Coronavirus and Children

Talking to Kids about Coronavirus

Talking to Teens and Tweens about Coronavirus

Stop the Spread of Germs (CDC)