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Curbside Check-In for ALL Patient Appointments

Updated March 19, 2020
Please visit our online Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center for Parents


PHCA has implemented temporary precautions to help us minimize the risks of any virus transmission, and to help protect the health and wellness of our patients and our staff.

In accordance with new guidelines for increased social distancing, curbside check-in will now be used for ALL patient appointments as of Monday, March 23. Additionally, all patients will be screened for fever status and recent international travel during scheduling calls. Based on that screening, patients may be notified to follow additional guidelines when arriving at the office.

Curbside Check-In Process - All Appointments - All Locations - All Days/Times:

1. Call Upon Arrival

All patients need to call the designated phone number posted on the office front door. This applies to all appointments at all times, including evening and weekend hours. 

2. Remain In Your Car

Our staff will check you in by phone, or come out to your car if needed.

3. Wait for Staff

A staff member will come out to your car and escort you directly to an exam room. 


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