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Jan 2022 - Important Update - Humana Insurance

Updated 1/14/2022: The following update was sent to patients with Humana insurance on Friday, January 14 via email and text message. The original notice was sent to patients on December 13, 2021 by email, text message, and postal mail.  

**IMPORTANT: PHCA will continue to accept TRICARE insurance. This information only applies to Humana commercial plans. TRICARE has a separate contract with PHCA, which is not affected. 

Dear Parents and Patients,

As we previously communicated in December, PHCA has given notice to Humana insurance to terminate our contract.

While we have been in communication with Humana since then and negotiations are ongoing, as of now our contract terms have not been resolved despite our best efforts. 

This means that our contract with Humana is still scheduled for termination as of April 15, 2022.

As a reminder, when these contracts are up for renewal, the contract terms must be adjusted to meet the increased costs of providing the innovative and high-quality pediatric care that is our mission at PHCA. These adjustments must also meet the increased costs of quality staffing, medical and safety supplies, increased sanitation, and other medical business expenses.

We are sending this update to encourage patients with Humana insurance to continue contacting Humana to express your concerns. Please see below for details on how to reach Humana.

► What You Can Do: Express your concerns to Humana and urge them to keep high-quality pediatricians in their network. 

We encourage you to contact Humana to express your concerns about losing access to your PHCA pediatrician.

NOTE: Direct contacts for Humana were emailed to PHCA patients with Humana insurance on December 13. Patients may also obtain these direct contacts from your PHCA office


► If you find it helpful, please use the following suggestion for your email or phone call:

I am concerned about losing access to my child’s pediatrician with Pediatric Health Care Alliance, due to a lack of agreement about your contract terms and reimbursement rates. As a member, I hope this can be resolved so that my family can continue with our established pediatrician without changing our insurance plan.


If you have options for alternate health insurance, please note that PHCA still accepts other major plans, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United, Cigna, and Tricare, in addition to many other plans. A complete list is available on our website under “Resources”. 

We regret this inconvenience to our patient families, and we understand that you may have to choose another pediatrician due to Humana’s decision. We will make every effort to reach out to patients immediately if Humana offers fair market terms, and the status of our contract changes. 



Karalee Kulek-Luzey, MD
Medical Director

Rich Ferrelli
Chief Executive Officer

Debra Gonzalez
Chief Operating Officer

Maireni Salas
Vice President of Operations