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2012 Patient Survey Results

Last fall we introduced a new patient survey that measures the quality of care you receive from our providers, and also measures factors that will help PHCA earn certification as a Patient Centered Medical Home. Thank you for your candid feedback, which has been shared with all of our offices. Below please find highlights from your responses, and a summary of areas where sites are working to improve performance and consistency.

PHCA is committed to delivering a positive patient experience, and we will continue to ask for your feedback throughout the year. Our next survey will begin in October, so be sure to register for our email newsletter so you receive that notification, as well as all of our office news.


Survey Results - Highlights

PHCA Survey   What You Said
How often did you get a sick visit as soon as you thought your child needed?   96.1% of responders said Always or Usually
How often did you get a well visit as soon as you thought your child needed?   96.2% of responders said Always or Usually
How often did this provider spend enough time with your child during the visit?   97.3% of responders said Always or Usually
When phoning the office, how often did you get an answer to a medical question the same day?   95.4% of responders said Always or Usually
Did this provider talk about specific things you can do to prevent illness in your child?   91.1% of responders said Yes
How often did clerks and receptionists treat you with courtesy and respect?   91.9% of responders said Always or Usually


Areas of Opportunity

We have delivered the survey results to each office, and they are in the process of making specific changes to respond to your concerns. Overall, the majority of patients gave the highest scores possible in all areas; however, we also recognize there are areas of opportunity and below we have outlined the steps we are taking to improve your experience.

As always, you can provide immediate feedback about an office visit through our online Comment Card. Submitting your experience that way allows us to commend a staff member or correct a problem as quickly as possible.


Test Results

Most patients indicated they receive direct notification from our offices regarding test results, but there was inconsistency at multiple offices from patients saying they rarely or never received results.

Privacy laws prohibit us from leaving test results on voice mail or answering machines, so if we are not able to reach you during the day a message will be left requesting a call back. We recognize sometimes these voice messages do not reach their intended recipients, and that it may not be clear to the listener why a call back is necessary if that person was not at the office visit. There are also instances where the phone number we have on file is not correct and we are not able to leave a message.

Our sites have implemented a monitoring system that ensures additional follow up from our staff when we are trying to reach patients about test results. In addition, patients are asked to verify current contact and insurance information at every office visit. It is vital for you to verify or correct this information to ensure we have your current/primary phone on file so we can reach you promptly.


Wait Time

As you know, scheduling for primary care pediatrics mainly involves same-day appointments for sick or urgent visits. We start our day with many standard time slots available, which are then filled throughout the day to meet your needs. Pediatrics can be unpredictable, and sometimes these urgent visits run longer than scheduled as we deal with unforeseen circumstances.

We are working closely with our office staff to establish better communication when you are waiting for your provider. Staff members have been encouraged to let you know when a provider is running significantly behind schedule. You are also welcome to approach the front desk staff to inquire if your provider is running behind, and to reschedule your appointment if needed.


Communication With Patients

One of the new survey sections specifies the differences in how providers communicate with you as a parent, compared to how they communicate with your child as a patient. We did notice areas of opportunity in your expectations for our providers when talking to patients directly. Our physicians are actively working to ensure that age-appropriate discussion takes place with your child during visits.


Preventative Care

While the vast majority of responders said they receive information on well child care and preventing illness, there is still an area of opportunity for us to communicate about preventative care. We have recently revamped our Anticipatory Guidance information with new handouts from Bright Futures and the American Academy of Pediatrics. These handouts are available for all stages of growth from newborn to late teens, and you should be receiving an Anticipatory Guidance sheet at every well visit. You are also encouraged ask about your child's growth and development at any visit.